The Anglican-Lutheran Covenant Council of Peterborough (ALCC) is a co-operative entity intended to sustain and strengthen the ministry of the Anglican and Lutheran churches within the city of Peterborough. Built upon the foundation of existing ministries, the ALCC is committed to foster new and renewed ministries among its member congregations.

While functioning as active members of the ALCC, each congregation will remain distinct within their respective dioceses. Each continues to be governed by its own corporation and annual vestry, responsible for its own budget and the maintenance of its property. Each congregation worships in its customary location.

The member congregations of the ALCC seek ways in which their ministries can mutually support and enhance one another, working together and with others as appropriate. When relationships among congregations become stressed, the co-operative entity will work to find an appropriate forum that will ensure all have the opportunity to be heard.

Any questions or comments relating to the ALCC should be directed to alcccomms@gmail.com.


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