Shrove Tuesday Supper

On Shrove Tuesday, the Covenant churches hosted a pancake supper at St John’s. A number of volunteers came from each congregation and it was clear that everyone quickly and easily fell to working together. The meal of pancakes, sausages, and ice cream was well-received and 154 people were served (plus volunteers). Instead of charging a fixed price, a freewill offering was invited, and after expenses the net proceeds amounted to $189. It was wonderful to see people from all of our congregations working together, but the best story of the night proves how important the meal was as an outreach ministry to the community. One diner said that she had been feeling quite low that day and was reading a discarded newspaper in a shop when she saw the ad for the pancake supper and resolved to come. As she left, she said that the dinner had made all the difference in her day when she was drawn into conversation with the other people at her table and that she was leaving “stuffed to the rafters” with good food.

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