Health & Wellness at Christ Lutheran

The Health and Wellness Team at Christ Lutheran Church have recently hosted the following Health Promotion/Educational Sessions and Workshops:

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

Christian Harvey discussed the activities and volunteer opportunities at the Peterborough Warming Room and the launch of the One Roof Community Diner. The Christ Lutheran parish is planning to assist with and support an upcoming dinner in early April along with other aspects of this outreach.

The Christ Lutheran parishioners also made a much appreciated monetary gift along with donations of food, household supplies and warm clothing to the Warming Room. A warm chili lunch was very fitting for this workshop as a reminder of our many wonderful blessings and gifts.

We now put out a challenge to each of our Covenant partners to join Christ Lutheran Church in this effort.

Sunday March 6th, 2016

Rebecca Bastian, a member of Christ Lutheran and a student in the Dental Hygiene Program at Durham College in Oshawa ON, along with her two classmates Jessica Free and Kimberly Esquivel, gave a presentation about overall health and wellness, healthy eating and oral/dental health. The students also had the parishioners complete a related survey prior to and following their very informative, helpful and useful session. We all enjoyed a nutritious and delicious lunch hosted by our presenters. We wish Rebecca, Jessica and Kimberly the very best with their ongoing Dental Hygiene studies.

Upcoming Event

Sunday April 3rd, 2016

Cathy Piercy from the local branch of the Osteoporosis Society will be doing a presentation immediately following the Christ Lutheran Church service at approximately 11:00 A.M. Please accept this as an invitation for this upcoming health related workshop. “Healthy” refreshments will be served too! Of course, we all invite you to join us for our church service that day as well.

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